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The Asirra service that this extension relied on is closed down on October 6, 2014 per a notice on the project page. Please consider using a different anti-spam extension.

We present Asirra, a CAPTCHA that asks users to identify cats out of a set of 12 photographs of both cats and dogs. Asirra is easy for users; user studies indicate it can be solved by humans...

Asirra integration for Magento. Contribute to asirra development by creating an account on GitHub.

We train the model on body and head annotations[2] to recognize cats and dogs in Asirra images. We achieved a very good accuracy of 90.5% with 10 over 70 ranking on Kaggle Leaderboard [4]...

Name: Ezuka Ndidi Asirra Field: Actress, Model, Musician Playing Age: 25-34 Contact: www.facebook.com/ndidi.ezuka Country: Nigeria State: Lagos.

Machine Learning Attacks Against the ASIRRA CAPTCHA. Draft, February 28, 2008. Philippe Golle. Palo Alto Research Center pgolle@parc.com.

Machine Learning Attacks Against the Asirra CAPTCHA. Philippe Golle. Palo Alto Research Center Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. pgolle@parc.com.

How to install Asirra plugin Select zip file of the "Asirra" plugin located on your hard drive and press "Open". Now click "Activate" button to activate the "Asirra" plugin.

Asirra (Animal Species Image Recognition for Restricting Access) is a captcha technology developed by Microsoft.

From WikiApiary, tracking Asirra and over 8,000 other extensions. Name: Asirra (ID: 831). URL

Problem. While back I came across Asirra - human interactive proof also known as CAPTCHA from Microsofr research lab. I decided to implement this on our site Asirra live demo. And share the code.

Невесомые штрихи бытия. Entries by tag: asirra. Что, по словам Microsoft, намного больше, чем образцов надписей в Captcha. Tags: asirra.

Asirra was a CAPTCHA non-replacement developed by Microsoft. After years of failing to unseat the defending champion, Microsoft shut it down. First project page (first Google result, doesn't mention its demise). Second project page (not a Gooogle result, but does mention its demise).

List of Episodes. Laura Foy. TechFest '07: Kitty Cats and Asirra.com making your internet a safer place! Email.

Asirra war ein Forschungsprojekt von Microsoft, das analog zu CAPTCHAs dazu dienen soll, zu entscheiden, ob das Gegenüber ein Mensch oder eine Maschine (Bot) ist. Das Akronym steht für Animal Species Image Recognition for Restricting Access.
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